Don't take our word for it... See what our customers have to say about their experience at Dissolve Float Spa!


Kristina H.‎ — 5 star

I had back surgery two years ago. Had a disc removed and have suffered from chronic pain ever since. I did a float on Friday and have been PAIN FREE for the first time since my surgery for three days now! I will definitely be returning on a regular basis and using this as therapy! The feeling is amazing!!!


Laura B— 5 star

This was my first float and it's safe to say I'm hooked! What an amazing experience. The facility was clean and inviting, the staff was so incredibly welcoming, and the float itself was by far one of the best experiences I've ever had. So therapeutic and revitalizing! Definitely would recommend to anyone. I'll be back soon for another float!


Eric B.‎ — 5 star

Awesomeness. My back feels so much better. And the clearing of the minds eye totaly worth it.


Megan B— 5 star

This was my first time floating, and if I may say, I had an absolutely great experience! The staff are very friendly and they explained the float process very well. The float itself was extremely relaxing. You will not get an experience like this at any other spa! I definitely will be going back. I highly recommend Dissolve Float Spa!


Tricia H.R. — 5 star

I was there on opening day at 9am and I was truly pleased with the staff and the knowledge of everything I asked . I had never floated before and I am disabled looking for any relief and I can't say or tell people enough about how wonderful I felt !! I can't wait to go again


Dana S. — 5 star

Today I had one of the top 10 most inspirational experiences of my life thus far.  I've had a desire to do this for quite some time but the closest place UNTIL NOW was in Maryland. Not anymore:) Dissolve Float Spa in Camp Hill is worth checking out. Do it ... your worth it


Stephanie R. — 5 star

Truly amazing experience at a gorgeous spa, run by wonderful people!! Floating is so relaxing and therapeutic.  A MUST try experience. Float away all your troubles……


Adrian R. — 5 star

Had my first float and everything from stepping in the building to the end is a relaxing and peaceful experience. As an athlete, after a float session you feel like new and completely recovered both physically and mentally. Also, best way to prepare mentally for any event (Tournament, Presentation, etc.) If you really want to disconnect from all stresses in life and feel in tune with your inner being this is the place. Wonderful experience.